Revue littéraire - 31 mars 1879 (French Edition)

Claiming India: French Scholars and the Preoccupation with India in the Nineteenth Century
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Preface by L. Picabia before Dada. A document.

Philippe de Commynes

Nombreuses illustrations. Portraits des auteurs en frontispice par Picabia. Portrait photographique en frontispice, dessins par Ribemont-Dessaignes. Introduction de Gabrielle Buffet.

Journal des débats politiques et littéraires - Years available - Gallica

Hutin [P. Illustrated with 3 plates, mechanical drawings by G. First edition printed to numbered copies, this one of 50 on pur fil Lafuma, leading print after 10 China. Introduction by Gabrielle Buffet. This incident marks the beginning of the split between Hilsum and the Dadaists that the publisher had supported from the beginning. Bon exemplaire. Bel exemplaire.

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Correspondance du peintre avec Christine Boumeester. Rare exemplaire portant la mention de 1e Edition. First edition of this publication which constitutes the first work related to Dada published in the capital, as well as the first publication of the author in France Mr. Pretty cover decorated with a drawing of the author. Rare copy bearing the mention of the 1st Edition. Dada Global No. Edition originale. Paris: Collection Dada Collection Dada S.

Paris s.

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Illustrated with drawings by Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes. Spine and covers very slightly and marginally faded not serious as usual. Rare and nice copy. Rare et bel exemplaire. Athenaeum—Prague : Athenaeum. Author : The Author. Bibl Deutsch : Bibliographie von Deutschland [Leipzig: —]. Bibl Univers : Bibliographie Universelle. Muquardt [Bruxelles: —]. Title varies over time. A retrospective volume published in by Peddie and Waddington covers the years — The first volume covers the years — Humboldt : Humboldt.

Intell Serapeum : Intelligenz-Blatt zum Serapeum. Isis : Isis von Oken 7 [Leipzig: —]. Isis Lieb : Isis. Isis Natuur : Isis. Tijdschrift voor Natuurwetenschap [Haarlem: —]. Landes-Industrie-Comptoirs [Weimer: —]. Muquardt [London: —]. Nation : The Nation. Neue Helvetia : Neue Helvetia. Poligrafo : Poligrafo.

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Giornale di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti [Verona: —]. Polybiblion : Polybiblion. Rev Bibl-Par : Revue Bibliographique. Rev Zool : Revue Zoologique [Paris: —]. Salzb Intell : Salzburger Intelligenzblatt [Salzburg: —]. The search for publication dates through these journals was done mainly using Google Books. This process has its limitations. For example, some pages are poorly scanned and unreadable, others are simply missing, and sometimes whole issues of the journal are missing.

Nevertheless, this digital database has many rare or difficult-to-find journals useful for dating books. I thank Neal L. Evenhuis, Miguel A.

Low for providing information relevant to this project and for reviewing the manuscript. This book was published anonymously. Bertau : credited it to Johann Samuel Halle [—], a Prussian historian and toxicologist, professor of history at the Royal Prussian Corps des Cadets in Berlin. The Coleoptera are on pages — Marius Olive, Marseille. Camoin, Marseille. In two volumes. Illustrated with seventeen elegant engravings. Joseph Mawman, London. Section XV of the second volume pp. Von Joseph Acerbi. Die Kaefer. Zum Gebrauche beim Unterrichte und zum Selbstbestimmen.

The section on Pentamera and Heteromera pp. Avec figures.

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The entire series consists of four volumes, —, treating the vertebrates and the Insecta. Despite the title, it is evident from the avant-propos that Acloque did not mean to designate type species for the genus-group taxa treated in the sense of the Code. The following genus-group names are made available in this work: Eudromius p. The new family-group names Ilybii p.

Haïti, 1919-1920, livre bleu d'Haïti, blue book of Hayti

Notes from a journal of research into the natural history of the countries visited during the voyage of H. Samarang , under the command of Captain Sir E. Belcher, C. Samarang, during the years —46; employed surveying the islands of the eastern archipelago; accompanied by a brief vocabulary of the principal languages.

Published under the authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. With notes on the natural history of the islands, by Arthur Adams, assistant-surgeon, R. Reeve, Benham, and Reeve, London. The entire work was published in two volumes, issued simultaneously. Two new species of beetles are described in the second volume, Bolboceras koreensis p.

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As noted by Petit : 91—92 there was a lengthly review of this book in The Athenaeum for 25 December by W. Clearly Dixon was furnished with a review copy. To which are appended directions for collecting and preserving. John van Voorst, London. Nomenclator zoologicus, continens nomina systematica generum animalium tam viventium quam fossilium, secundum ordinem alphabeticum disposita, adjectis auctoribus, libris in quibus reperiuntur, anno editionis, etymologia et familiis, ad quas pertinent, in variis classibus. Fasciculus XI. Continens Coleoptera. Recognovit permultisque nominibus locupletavit Guil.

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By the second issue, the lower part of the cover page featured a set of the play, and the advertisement moved to the cover page verso. Smith, Leather Bound. Deschaux, dans Revue des langues romanes , 83, , p. Paris, E. Giraud-Badin, Source : Gallica.

The entire series consists of 12 fascicles, — The first 11 pertain to classes or orders, the 11th being on Coleoptera ; the 12th is the Index Universalis see next entry. Nomenclatoris zoologici. Index universalis, continens nomina systematica classium, ordinum, familiarum et generum animalium omnium, tam viventium quam fossilium, secundum ordinem alphabeticum unicum disposita, adjectis homonymiis plantarum, nec non variis adnotationibus et emendationibus. Another edition, 12mo, was published in and contains pages.

According to Evenhuis a : 52 , there are no apparent differences between the two editions other than page size and pagination.